Parental Alienation is Real

Parental alienation is the term used when one parent is actively or passively trying to alienation a child from the other parent during a custody dispute. Here is some basic information on parental alienation.

During custody disputes the worst in people come out. Despite efforts to the contrary, children are often used as “pawns” in the custody dispute. That is why it’s important to recognize that parental alienation exists and, second, to identify ways to counter parental alienation.

There is no cookie cutter approach to this problem. That is because every child responds differently based on their age, sex, and circumstances. Likewise, the methods for combating alienation also vary depending on the situation and circumstances of the parents. That is why you need a team of dedicated professionals to help you identify aspects of alienation and the best way to fight it. If you do nothing, oftentimes, alienation cannot be reversed until years later.

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