New Year’s Celebration 2017

As the New Year approaches we often take stock of our lives. We look back on 2016 and look forward to 2017. Some look onward with hope and optimism. Others are just glad to be through another trying year. Regardless of your approach to the New Year celebration, you should take time to develop some new New Year’s resolutions pertaining to your family. Our office handles complex family law issues. While family law isn’t usually something people think of when it comes to resolutions, we believe that if more people thought about their family resolutions then they would spend less and find more success in the New Year. Here are our top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Families in 2017.

  1. Give grace. Understand that we all make mistakes. This isn’t meant to overlook true tragedies of conscience like adultery or abandonment or domestic violence, but realize that as life changes we all change. We often hear people say “they just aren’t the same person I married…” Well duh, of course not. Life is a journey and if we gave each other a bit more grace we could excuse some of the challenges we face in relationships.
  2. Say “sorry.” This one word is very elusive. Many people find it very hard to say sorry. However, sorry can break down walls. Sorry can repair hurts. Sorry can give hope. Sorry can bring connection.
  3. Get an Education. We don’t mean go back to school necessarily, but education doesn’t just mean school. Educate yourself on how to communicate. Learn about different personality styles. Educate yourself on how to treat others. Education never ends. You either learn from mistakes or from good guidance and counsel. This is why getting a good education is vital to strengthening your relationships.

We’ve shared our New Year’s Resolutions that we hope Families will consider. What are other resolutions you could share with your family? To learn more about how we can help with some of your resolutions contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737