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New Mexico Child custody cases involve important concepts that many people unfamiliar with courts are often surprised with during the course of a New Mexico custody case. During the court of a New Mexico Child Custody case a family may be faced with situations that are unexpected. During our twenty plus years in handling child custody cases throughout New Mexico, our child custody lawyers have learned that these factors often impact on the outcome.

Two of those significant factors are the issues of Guardian ad Litems and Custody evaluators (also known as 706 experts). A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney that the court may appoint to represent the interests of a child. The challenges with a Guardian ad Litem is the wide latitude the courts give them to investigate and report. Often courts limit the ability of the parents to challenge Guardians ad litems because of immunity they enjoy as an arm of the court. Thus, consulting with a New Mexico child custody lawyer is important if you are faced with the possibility of a Guardian ad Litem in your custody case.

Another potential factor in a New Mexico child custody case is if the court appoints a custody evaluator (706 expert). Usually a psychologist, a custody evaluator is tasked with evaluating the circumstances of the case and making a recommendation to the court regarding where the child should live. Custody evaluations are expensive, complex and time consuming, but they do impact on the outcome of a New Mexico custody case. Many judges like to use custody evaluators to help them investigate all aspects of a child’s life for purposes of determining custody.

There are many complex rules of evidence and law that must be followed when conducting a custody evaluation. If, however, you aren’t prepared for the procedural challenges associated with a Guardian ad Litem or Custody Evaluator then you may be negatively impacted in your custody case.

You could even lose custody if you aren’t vigilant in your defense in a custody case. That is why you need the help of a New Mexico Child custody lawyer to help you through the process of a Guardian ad Litem and/or Custody Evaluator. To learn more about your rights and to make sure you don’t lose custody contact our New Mexico child custody lawyers at 505-880-8737 or email us at

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