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A New Mexico child custody attorney can make a difference in winning and losing a child custody case. How can a New Mexico Child Custody Attorney help you? There are several ways in which a custody attorney can help. Here are a few considerations.

  1. Understanding laws and procedures. The laws and procedures involving a child custody case are complex. Laws such as joint or sole custody, shared responsibility or time sharing, and understanding the legal meaning of the best interests of the child are all examples of some of the potential minefields associated with a child custody case in New Mexico. Whether a case is in Las Cruces, Farmington or Albuquerque, the laws of the State of New Mexico are implemented during the course of a child custody case.
  2. Developing evidence. Child custody cases are determined based upon evidence. While most people envision the opportunity to tell their story, parents must realize that courts are overworked. The court’s dockets are full. This means that even if you have a trial your time in your child custody case is very limited. The New Mexico Child custody attorney will help you develop evidence.
  3. Maneuvering the Court system. Moving through the court system presents challenges. Do you file a motion? Do you send discovery? Do you hire an expert? There are processes and rules and parts of the system. While the laws of the State of New Mexico impact on the child custody case, each court has their own rules and views of the custody situation. That is why a New Mexico child custody attorney will help in maneuvering the court system.
  4. Providing advice and guidance: A New Mexico child custody attorney will assist with providing guidance and advice. Aside from the legal advice, a New Mexico Child Custody attorney will assist in analyzing the facts, the evidence and even the rationale of your position. It’s important to view your situation from the view of objective analysis.
  5. Make Rational Decisions: When the most important thing in your life is at risk of being removed (your child), it’s often hard to make rational decisions. Yet, that is the time when your decision making needs to be the most rational. A time when you must analyze the cost/benefit of certain actions. The time you must rationally evaluate strategy. A good New Mexico child custody attorney will help you objectively and rationally proceed through the child custody minefield.

There are just a few of the reasons why a New Mexico child custody attorney is important during the tough times of life. To speak to one of our New Mexico child custody attorneys contact us at 505-880-8737 or email us at

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