For All the Men out there on Mother’s Day

Here is your chance to shine. It’s clear and evident that you should respect your own mother and do something special, but what about the mother of your child? There isn’t necessarily scientific evidence for this but my mother use to tell me that a girl will watch how you treat your mother and decide if you are a good match for her. I don’t know if this is 100% true, but it makes sense. Since our children model our behavior it seems logical that they will treat their mother in a way that you treat their mother. Regardless of whether you are divorced, separated or married, it takes a big man to model gentlemanly behavior to your child’s mother. Not to mention…all of the benefits that can come as a result of such behavior. Aside from the more adult benefits…you can also establish a positive relationship. You can break down barriers. You can create mutual understanding and respect. It may sound obvious, but the golden rule applies to our more intimate relationships. So, for this upcoming mother’s day, fellas, consider how you should treat the mother of your child. Build your family, whether traditional or blended. By building strong families we build stronger communities and lives.