Imputed Income

A huge consideration in child support or alimony cases is the issue of imputed income. Imputed income means income that the other party is CAPABLE of earning. How much are they capable of earning? It all depends on the circumstances. However, you cannot automatically impute income. Many factors go into imputing income, such as age, health, work history, work experience, etc.

Another huge factor regarding imputed income is whether there is a child under the age of six in the home. For example, if a person has been a stay at home mother for a child under 6 then the court will not impute income. While the one owing the support may think this unfair, remember that if income is imputed then you will also increase your obligation by daycare expenses. Thus, in a situation like this it is often more advantageous to allow the stay at home parent to continue in that role instead of increase the expense of daycare.

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