Important Tips for the Holidays

Every year parents throughout NM struggle with the holidays. Not because of shopping and baking and gift buying, but because of holiday time sharing nightmares. We frequently are asked to address holiday issues during this time of year. Here are some important tips for handling your custody matters during the holidays.

  1. Read your order: follow it carefully. The fact that you may have done something traditionally doesn’t mean that you are allowed to do it under the order. Therefore, make sure that your order is clear in what times you actually get. Stick to your times and days.
  2. Clarify ambiguities: the more ambiguous your order the harder it is for the police to enforce it. Face it. During the holidays parents take more liberty in returning children on time. Don’t be caught on this one. Make sure your order specifies as much as possible. From days, times and drop offs all are important when it comes to handling the holidays.
  3. If there is a violation take action. If you just let it go then next time it will get worse because you don’t do anything to stop it. The court’s don’t know when a violation occurs. They only know what you bring to their attention by filing a motion.

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