How your Employment Impacts on Custody

Many people don’t think about how their job and occupation can impact on their custody case. Frequently we see people coming to the realization (the hard way) that their occupation has a direct impact on the nature and extent in which a parent can win custody. We aren’t necessarily speaking about the “type” of job you have, unless you are a drug dealer or undertake a similarly situated illegal profession.

Your occupation, however, really impacts on support when it comes to your time. The old saying is that money can’t buy happiness. What money does buy, is time. How much time do you have to exercise visits and custody. Do you travel for your job? Do you work while your children are needing a parent? Do you work nights? Do you sleep during the day? All of these questions plus more have a great impact on when a Judge is deciding custody.

If a judge has to decide between two good parents but one parent is a traveling salesperson then the person who is most available to the children will more likely be situated better than the other parent. Thus, when discussing your custody case and strategy don’t forget about the impact of your job. Use it your advantage. If you’d like to discuss how your job can help or hurt you then contact our expert attorneys by calling 505-880-8737 or by emailing us at