How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 7 – Nag Like Your Marriage Depends On It

A great way to screw up your marriage is to treat your partner like a literal child. There is a big difference between communicating your needs to your partner and nagging, so to screw up your marriage, you’ll want to focus on the former. To nag like a pro, constantly ask your partner the same question, especially to try to get them to do something. Even better, complain about your partner or criticize them in the process. Remember, healthy marriages run on mutual respect, so the more you nag, the more you signal to your partner that you care more about getting your way than trying to understand them, support them, or avoid a fight. If the roles are reversed, and your partner is nagging you, don’t give in. If you do want to give in, act out of spite and do the job they’re asking for terribly. Huff and puff and make a mess so they know to never ask you to help again.

You can nag without even saying a single word. Shoot your partner a death glare to let them know how annoyed you are that they haven’t done the dishes even though you’ve asked them like, a million times. It is unlikely that this will get them to do what you want, but that was never really the point anyway. The more you nag, the less likely your partner is to give in and comply, which will annoy you even more. It’s a vicious cycle, but one that is guaranteed to chip away at both your and your partner’s patience and sanity. Even if your partner does give in and do what you want, they’ll probably resent you for the means you used to achieve very irritating ends. If you realize that your partner is nagging you because you are ignoring their needs, don’t apologize, don’t try to see the situation from their point of view, and definitely don’t do better in the future.

If you want to screw up your marriage, don’t try to understand why your partner isn’t doing what you say. Maybe they’re feeling burnt out from work or household chores, but that shouldn’t matter to you so long as the dishes get done. Also, don’t tell your partner that the reason you’re nagging so much is really that you don’t like feeling ignored and definitely don’t work with your partner to brainstorm ways to resolve the issue. Open communication will strengthen the relationship and is something to avoid if you’re looking to screw up your marriage. Nagging can tear apart even the healthiest of marriages, so if you want to destroy yours, get nagging.