How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 21 – Let Political Differences Tear Your Marriage Apart

People often debate whether political differences are reason enough to call off a relationship. If you want to screw up your marriage, let political differences tear your marriage apart. Before you married your partner, you probably got to know them a bit better. Hopefully you learned about their beliefs, values, and maybe even their politics. Even if you knew what you got yourself into before the marriage, things change as time goes on, from the beliefs you both espouse to the world events that define those

If you want to screw up your marriage, be sure to debate every topic. When you start the debate, don’t have any intentions of changing your mind or your viewpoint. Instead, use this opportunity to emphasize just how right you are and how wrong your partner is. Another great way to screw up your marriage is to take your partner’s politics personally. Leave them no wiggle room and make bold assumptions about their character based on their politics.

These days you can make anything political, so do that. If you know that politics are a particularly sore spot in the relationship, keep poking the bear (or the elephant or the donkey). Pick fights over politics, don’t let it go, and let your partner know that the only way they will ever be right is if they change their politics and agree with you instead.

Most important, ignore the fact that there are multiple angles to everything. Forget about the nuance and don’t try to see things from your partner’s part of view. Since the goal is to let politics tear your marriage apart, it would be better to double down on your beliefs in particularly stressful times instead of hearing your partner out and keeping an open mind.