How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 19 – Don’t Watch Your Words

You probably got married to solidify your relationship and partnership with a person who loves, respects, and encourages you and for whom you do and feel the same. If you want to want to screw up your marriage, let your words be the ultimate tool to undo all that you have built in your relationship over the years. Words can harm your partner’s self-esteem and leave long-lasting damage. To hurt your marriage, don’t watch your words, even if that means your partner’s feelings will be hurt.

One way you can do this is by always assuming your partner’s intentions and putting words in their mouth. When you mean to say, “it seems like you are trying to upset me,” take it a step further and instead say, “you’re trying to make me mad.” This works because it forces your partner to get defensive, feel misunderstood, and grow frustrated with you. Another great way to screw up your marriage by not watching your words is by doing little things that get under your partner’s skin. Go out of the way to correct them, even on the smallest things. The key phrase to use here is “well, actually…” This signals to your partner that you pretty much always think they are wrong and you have no problem being condescending to get your point across. While you’re not watching your words, avoid being careful about the way you say certain words and deliver certain points. Demand instead of ask. Be overly curt or snippy instead of open and receptive to a conversation.

To increase the volatility of your marriage, throw around serious words like divorce. Joke about divorce whenever possible, especially in response to accidental mistakes made by your partner. You can also jump to the word divorce as a foolproof way to escalate any fight and make your partner feel insecure. Even if you only ever threw around the word “divorce” one time, your partner will likely never forget it, making this an extremely effective method to screw up your marriage. Remember, even something you said in passing can stick with your partner for a long time, so if you want to screw up your marriage, act like it won’t.