How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 17 – Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Have you ever thought to yourself, I love sharing my bed with someone who hasn’t showered in days, or, how fun is it that my partner hasn’t been doing their laundry so they have just been reusing their underwear? You probably have never thought that, at least recently, and likewise, your partner likely feels the same. When you are married, you share space and a whole bunch of time with your partner. If you want to screw up your marriage, make yourself as difficult to live with as possible by not taking care of yourself. Plus, you can assert dominance in the relationship by having the most pungent body odor and making the biggest messes.

The reason not taking care of yourself can screw up your marriage is that it can directly affect what you are bringing to the relationship. If you are not feeling the best yourself, you might project onto your partner. If you want to leave your partner pretty confused and pick a fight, don’t do anything to make yourself feel good so that you can assume that however you feel about yourself, your partner feels the same. Additionally, let the lack of care you are showing for yourself carry into your life and home. Start by leaving dirty dishes in the sink, letting the food in your refrigerator rot, and leaving your laundry in piles on the floor. Since it is clear that you have no problem not taking care of yourself, you might as well take the next step and let it affect all other parts of your life.

Something else to consider is that your partner likely cares for you and when they bring up the fact that you are not taking care of yourself, it is probably from a place of love. If you want to screw up your marriage, completely reject this notion and disregard what they say, no matter how gently or genuinely they say it. Sometimes, taking care of yourself includes doing the hard work of going to a counselor or therapy. If you want to screw up your marriage, avoid doing that work at all costs, even if it makes you feel worse. The truth is, how you feel about yourself on the inside is pretty often reflected by how you express yourself on the outside. If you want to screw up your marriage, don’t do anything to improve either.