How Arbitration can Help you Resolve your Family Law Case

Most people understand how a traditional case operates. One side files a motion or a petition. The other side responds and then you go back and forth until your time for court comes up. Then you go to court and the judge may “punt.” This means that the judge may set your case down the road for a more robust hearing or trial.

Traditional law is very expensive and time consuming. Parties get frustrated with paying attorney fees and the length of time a case can take. The reason cases take so long is because judges have a case load of over 1000 cases each!

There is a better way. A new way of handling all of your case or portions of your case. It’s called arbitration. Arbitration is an agreement to have a neutral person decide your dispute. We look for arbitrators who have extensive family law experience. An arbitration can be conducted in more than ½ the time than a regular trial. Thus, if a “regular” case takes 18 months to get to trial you can usually have a final decision through arbitration in 6 months or less. This saves on attorney fees and time.

Our attorneys have been appointed to serve as arbitrators in cases. We also use arbitration when it makes sense. Thus, if your case has been languishing in family court forever consider arbitration as a viable option to resolving the dispute. For more information on arbitration and moving your case more quickly contact our family law experts at the Justice Legal Group at 505-880-8737 or email us at