Highest Rated Family Law Attorney

You may see many lawyers and firms tout themselves as the "highest rated family law attorney" or "best family law lawyer." However, what do these terms actually mean when it comes to your ever important family law, divorce, custody or child support case? Let us help you cut through some of the fluff, smoke and mirrors to help you understand what it means to be the best or highest rated. To do this let's start with what these terms do NOT mean. Many firms and lawyers market their accolades, ratings on Martindale Hubble or special awards as a way of marking their "greatness."

However, the truth behind the curtain tells a different tale. Almost weekly, the attorneys of the Justice Legal Group are offered a special award or ranking as "Top Lawyer" or "Best of the Best" or "Highest rated" and all of these awards come with a special price. That's right, these accolades that attorneys promote are usually purchased for a price. It's not market tested. Its' not voted on. It's not even earned. It's simply bought. If an attorney will pay enough money they can find a group or organization that will give them the distinction of being the best.

That's not how we operate. We think being the best or highest rated means actions and not words. We think it means outcomes that make a real difference in the lives of our clients. Here are some real measurements on how you can judge for yourself whether the family law attorney you are working with is the "best" or "highest rated."

1.  Does your attorney have experience?
With over thirty years of combined experience, the attorneys of the Justice Legal Group offer each and every client the perspective associated with having practiced in every district court in New Mexico and several throughout the United States. When it comes to unique, challenging and complex issues, you need an attorney who has seen it, done it and won it.

2.  Does your attorney have a plan?
Most attorneys act like they know it all. Most attorneys simply tell their clients to "trust what they do." We call this spraying and praying. If your attorney has not outlined a clear plan of action coupled with the exact steps to take under that plan of action then you are probably being put on the back burner. In today's tech saavy climate, attorneys should offer their clients to much more than a simple assurance of "trust me." You deserve to know the thought process, the reasons and the cost/benefit analysis of the approach being used to accomplish the outcome you desire. That is what makes us different. We develop a plan of action for each and every case so that there is confidence with knowing the next step and what to expect.

3.  Does your attorney fight for you?
Does your attorney simply push you to settle all the time without taking into consideration your needs and objectives? While we are not suggesting that settlement is bad, too many lawyers just push clients to settle for the sake of making things easy. This is either because the attorney is lazy or is afraid of the judge or both. Going to court is hard. It's complex and it requires a lot of thinking. We continually train each and every attorney in our firm on the most up to date trial tactics and litigation strategies that can benefit our clients. When it's time to settle, we will settle. When it's time to fight, we will fight.

Based on our experience in handling complex family law cases over the years, these three keys comprise most of what we see as to what really defines the "best" or "highest rated" family law attorney. That is why the Justice Legal Group truly stands above the rest of the lawyers and firms in the State of New Mexico when it comes to complex family law issues. We've earned ourselves a place as the "highest rated family law attorney" in New Mexico. We would love the opportunity to prove to you why others find the Justice Legal Group to be the best. Contact us at 505-880-8737 or email us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com.

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