High Wage Earners in New Mexico

Not every child support case is the same. Sometimes, child support cases have very complex facts that can impact on the outcome. For example, if a party has an interest in a non-publicly traded company, the value of the interest could be appraised for purposes of determining accurate income figures for child support purposes. The assessment of business valuation issues can be difficult. Depending on the type of business interest at issue, experts such as commercial real estate appraisers, CPAs, business valuation experts, tax lawyers, and other experts may need to be brought in to protect a party’s interest.

Some cases may also involve inheritances, trusts, generation skipping trusts, complex tax issues, and issues involving the division of retirement accounts. Unfortunately, some cases may involve parallel criminal proceedings or investigations, or other issues that are related to resolve custody, which can make a divorce case very delicate and complicated. In New Mexico our judges use the child support guidelines. However, the guidelines top out at a combined gross monthly income of $30,000. What this means is that if couple earns more than $30,000 combined gross income per month then the guidelines do not apply and there are other considerations that come into play. This is why if you are a high wage earner in New Mexico you need child support experts who have experience with high income child support cases. Our firm is the leading expert when it comes to high wage earning cases by having litigated the cases that define New Mexico law. To speak to our child support experts contact us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com or call us at 505-880-8737.