What is the Goal of a Custody Case?—The Court’s perspective: The Resolution

Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring the court’s perspective on custody cases. Last blog post we discussed the best interests of the child. This post we will explore the court’s goal to getting resolution.

This is HUGELY important. Why? Well courts are overworked. Each judge has an enormous case load. Judge’s don’t have time to handle all of the cases they have in the time frame that they desire. Thus, any opportunity they have to move cases to resolution they will do it. That is why you see so many judges appointing Guardian ad Litems, custody experts, therapists, parenting coordinators and such.

Keep in mind that resolution is not the same as justice. From your perspective you may want the judge to make the other side “pay for it.” However, judges don’t have the time nor the desire to hand out punitive decisions. They are just trying to keep their head above water with case loads that exceed 1000 cases! Therefore, when you approach a custody case you need to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that the court is trying to get resolution and not necessarily justice. This will help you monitor your perspective and expectations and ultimately help you save money.

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