How to Get Financial Information About the Other Side for Child Support

Obtaining current financial information is key to establishing or modifying child support. How do you obtain the financial information that you need to decide if you need to file a motion for support or to modify child support? Here are several ways you can consider in developing the financial information you need.

#1. Ask for it: Under NM law, parents are supposed to exchange financial information annually in order to ascertain proper child support levels. Thus, you should start by asking the other side for all of the financial information you desire. If asking by letter isn’t working then consider sending a request through a more formal approach with interrogatories and requests for production of documents.

#2. Subpoena: You could also send a subpoena to your ex partner’s place of employment. This usually will get their attention as their boss will most certainly approach them about the subpoena. You can obtain pay child stubs and employment related benefits by going directly to the employer.

#3. Consider secondary sources: If you know where the other party banks then consider sending a subpoena to the bank for bank records. There you will find a lot out about their spending habits and deposits, including those from their employer. Also consider subpoenaing information from any loan applications. Usually people include their income at a higher level when it comes to a loan application. This can give you good information on their true income levels and what they believe they can earn on a fill time basis.

These are three sources of obtaining financial information that can be used for evaluating a child support case. To learn more about how our child support experts can help you email us at or call us at 505-880-8737.