What To Expect When Winning Joint Custody

Separated parents may find themselves in a custody battle to win joint custody of their child. But what does it really mean when you win joint custody? Will it be truly beneficial for your child? 

In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share time in the rearing and caring of their children. Not just that, you will have responsibility of making joint decisions for healthcare, schooling, residence, recreational activities and religion.

In New Mexico, child custody cases are decided based on the best interest of a child. One of the factors that the court considers in joint custody is the suitability of a parenting plan for the implementation of the joint custody case. If you’re fighting to have access with your child you need to prove that you can abide by a timesharing arrangement. 

You must show to the court your willingness as a parent to support and facilitate your children’s ongoing relationship with your ex-spouse even if both of you have already gone separate ways. Basically, judges will want to know that neither of you will stand in the way of your kids having a good relationship with each parent. However, even if you’ve been granted joint custody you need to steer clear from bad-mouthing your spouse in front of the kids as it may interfere with vitiation in any way.

Conversely, even if joint custody has already been awarded, it can be reversed into sole custody if a major change in circumstance has taken place that affects the child’s welfare. It is possible that the other parent has remarried and is moving to another state where you don’t have access to the child or the new spouse is abusive. In this case, you must show that joint custody is no longer in the child’s best interest. For more information about how to win joint custody, speak with a qualified attorney in New Mexico. Call us now at (505) 407-0573 or chat with someone now through our online chat function. We will make sure you get the help you need.