How CYFD Impacts on a Custody Case

Often complex custody cases involve some serious allegations and problems. Issues of child abuse are very common when it comes to serious custody cases. Here is some guidance on how a CYFDimpacts on a custody case.

Whenever there is a CYFD complaint the courts will generally “punt.” What this means is that the court will usually not make any major changes until CYFD is done conducting their investigation. This means that CYFD involvement really delays a custody case further. The standards used by CYFD are not the same as those in the court. Many people facing a CYFD investigation are amazed at the totalitarian tactics of CYFD. You cannot expect to receive the same level of due process in a CYFD investigation as you can in court. Keep this major difference in mind when you are concerned about a custody case and CYFD’s involvement.

A person should also consider the impact of the CYFD investigation. Despite the fact that CYFD indicates that their process and evidence is private and you cannot obtain information from them that is simply not true. Granted it is more challenging to obtain the evidence, but you have a right and can obtain this evidence by issuing a proper subpoena and going to court to obtain the information you seek.

You should strongly consider obtaining this evidence as important interviews and investigations can be found in the CYFD file. You can then use this evidence during the course of your custody case. Use this information and evidence to your advantage or to attack the suggestions and recommendations from an expert or CYFD. Remember there is gold found in the CYFD process whether you are the person being investigated or the other parent.

Many attorneys fail to get the entire CYFD record and that is a major problem when CYFD is involved and you are faced with a complex custody issue. To learn more about how you can use CYFD investigations in your custody case contact our child custody experts at or call us at 505-880-8737.