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Just like you use a hammer to strike a nail, you use a broom to sweep the floor and you use a toothbrush to brush your teeth so too should you use a custody lawyer when you are faced with a custody issue in Albuquerque. All of these examples show the need and importance of using the right tools. Imagine if you try to sweep the floor with the hammer or hammer the nail with your toothbrush. This is also true for a custody case in Albuquerque.

The point is that using a custody lawyer is a tool available to you if you are faced with a custody case in Albuquerque. Is it possible to accomplish these tasks without the tool? Of course, however, it makes the job harder and more challenging. Similarly, you can go through a custody case without a custody lawyer, but, unlike other areas of law, the process can be challenging and difficult. Just consider a custody lawyer as a tool you need to get the job done. Custody cases in Albuquerque involve complex laws. Some legal complexities involve the determination of the legal presumption of custody, the amount of time sharing, how abuse impacts on custody and other factors all impact on making a custody case challenging and difficult.

Also to add to the challenge is the court’s local rules and procedures pertaining to other services such as the Court Clinic (only in Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, New Mexico), the use of a Guardian ad Litem and/or a private custody evaluator, known as a 706 expert. To help you weave your way through this minefield you need the services of a competent custody lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

That is what we do. We are the custody experts. We have over twenty years of experience in litigating, settling and mediating custody cases. Our Custody lawyers in Albuquerque are experienced in handling all sorts of custody matters that range from divorce, paternity, grandparents rights, guardianships and domestic violence. A custody lawyer is an important tool that will help you accomplish the job you need done.

By using a custody lawyer you are able to minimize the institutional impact of the laws on your case. Why make your case more complex or challenging by stumbling over the detailed laws and processes that ultimately impact on the outcome of your relationship with your child? To talk with one of our Albuquerque custody lawyers call us at 505-610-2701 or email us at

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