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When selecting a custody attorney in Albuquerque there are several key traits and characteristics you should consider. It’s important to consider your selection of a custody attorney because many aspects of your life are impacted by what the custody attorney does or does not do when it comes to your child. Here are three key considerations when you decide to hire a custody attorney in Albuquerque:

  1. Experience. You want and need a custody attorney who has experience with all sorts of custody issues. This is because the decision of custody impacts on several other issues that can impact on your life. Issues such as child support, decisions on parenting, and the time you have to influence your child are all important. That is why experience in the field of custody is vital when choosing an attorney.
  2. Ability to Litigate: In today’s legal system there is so much emphasis on peaceful resolution. While peaceful resolution is beneficial and important, there are times in which resolution is evasive. That is why we have judges. Tough times call for tough decisions. Thus, a custody attorney who only works to mediate and wants to avoid litigation means that the attorney really will short change you in your efforts to protect your child. Find a custody attorney in Albuquerque who is not afraid to go to court.
  3. Understanding Decision making. One of the most emotionally charge situations in life occur when a person is involved in a custody case in Albuquerque. That is because the custody case involves the possible loss of something important…namely, your child. While emotions are key to our survival, emotions often cloud our judgment and decision making during a custody case. Therefore, a custody attorney must be able to weed through the emotions and understand the decision making process in order to help guide your family to the best resolution.

These three traits are the top characteristics that impact on a decision to hire a good custody attorney in Albuquerque. These traits appear over and over during our twenty plus years in practicing in custody cases in Albuquerque. For more information about our custody attorneys in Albuquerque contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.

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