Child Support is Unfair

There is an inherent unfairness in the child support calculations. Most people who pay support believe that the guidelines are already unfair because the calculations are based on income. However, that is not the unfairness we’re referring to. The unfairness in the child support guidelines arise from the inherent miscalculation. The way the guidelines work is this…under the guideline statutes the court considers the combined gross income of the parties. Then based on that income level looks at the statute and determines the base support amount. Thereafter the base support amount is split proportionally to the parties combined gross income percentages. The unfairness comes into play in the base support amount. Under federal law, base support amounts are supposed to be determined by economic data. Unfortunately this data, that leads to the creation of the base support amount, is determined from economic reports for two parent households. There is little to no economic data on the cost of maintaining two separate households. What this means is that the base support amount at any level is artificially inflated thereby penalizing the payor. This is an inherent economic weakness of the guidelines that give good attorneys a way of arguing on behalf of their clients. Make sure that when you are faced with a complex child support issue in New Mexico that you turn to the experts of Justice Legal Group to help you.

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