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Child Custody cases in Albuquerque care challenging and complex. It’s important to understand the process of a child custody case in Albuquerque. Talking to a child custody lawyer in Albuquerque will help you during the difficult process of a custody case. There are many different way in which a child custody case can begin. Here are the most common child custody type cases in Albuquerque.

  1. Divorce: When parents divorce the court will implement a parenting plan along with a division of assets and debts that are community property/debts under New Mexico law.
  2. Paternity: When parents have a child without being married the situation falls under the Uniform Parentage Act. This is commonly known or referred to as a paternity case. Child Custody cases arising from paternity issues arise in Albuquerque and are handled by the Family Courts in the same manner as they are resolved in a divorce case.
  3. Guardianship: sometimes a third party (such as grandparents) are involved in a child custody dispute in Albuquerque. We often see these cases arise when there are exceptional circumstances where the parents are unwilling or unable to care for the child.
  4. Post Divorce Custody: Child custody cases in Albuquerque also arise in the context of post divorce proceedings. Since children grow, mature and change the laws of New Mexico allow for custody to be modified any time before the child is 18 years old based on a change in circumstances. Thus, many parents want to change custody as a child ages or circumstances change.
  5. Emergency issues: Child custody also arises in the context of emergency situations. These usually involve abuse of the child or another party. These child custody cases require an Albuquerque lawyer to file emergency motions and to work the system in the context of legal procedures to protect the child.

As you can see child custody cases arise in various contexts in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a result it is important to discuss your child custody case with lawyers who are familiar with the procedure, process and law. Experience, dedication and toughness are the qualities that the lawyers of the Justice Legal Group bring to custody cases in Albuquerque, NM. For more information on child custody cases in Albuquerque contact the lawyers of the Justice Legal Group at 505-880-8737 or by emailing us at

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