How to Change Child Support

A child support order is a court order. This means for any of the terms to be modified, a judge must approve an agreement or change the original order. You must request a modification from the same court that granted the child support order. This is done by the filing of a motion along with a request and notice of hearing. Even if you and the child’s other parent have agreed upon a modification of child support on your own, you still must go before a judge before the child support order can be changed. You must avoid verbal agreements as they are hard to prove and even more challenging to enforce. Any change to a court order must and should be done by another court order.

If, as it often happens, you and your child’s other parent can’t agree on child support, you have to request a hearing in front of a judge where you will both be allowed to make arguments about your proposed modification of child support. In general, family law doesn’t allow for child support modification unless at least one parent can show a change in his or her circumstances that makes the modification necessary. To do this you usually need the help of a qualified child support expert.

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