Become Like Paul Bunyan for Your Family Law Case!

Do you remember the kids story of Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox? Paul was a giant lumberjack. He could really chop down trees.

Why do we talk about Paul Bunyan and what relevance does he have to your family law case. Well just like Paul Bunyan chopping down trees, you too need to take the same approach on your case. The biggest reason people fail in what they hope to accomplish is because they try to jump from point A to point Z without take the steps in between. In other words, they don’t chop down the tree. You can’t chop down a tree in one swing. Likewise, you can’t win your case in one hearing or with one motion.

Instead, be diligent and intentional about your case. Make a plan, stick to the plan and work towards your goal. This means be happy with small steps and small victories. We can help you with developing your plan. You should have hope for the future if you approach the legal system properly.

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