Avoid This Problem in Your Custody Case

Custody cases and litigation are commonplace. This is because our children are all unique. One of the most common custody disputes that arise is in the contacts of when children return to school in the fall. Often times parenting plans have adequately define periods of responsibility and vacations. However, what happens when the parenting plan doesn’t address regularly scheduled school breaks and vacations. Days off for in-service training or various breaks often give rise to conflicts between dueling parents.

A parent can avoid these problems by making sure that such brakes are identified in the parenting plan. Another way of addressing this problem is to consult with the other parent before the dispute arises. This will require parents to obtain a school calendar weeks and even months before school schedule breaks. This will allow parents to adequately prepare for various off school days. These off school days arising from in-service days or training can be opportunities to have time with your child in addition to the regularly scheduled custody plan.

This requires you to have for site planning and strategy. If you need help with your custody strategy contact the justice legal group at 505-880-8737 or email us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com.