3 Tips on How to Handle an Aggressive Ex Partner

We see this occur so much in our practice. Whether it involves a child or not, some people must deal with a very challenging and aggressive ex partner. The best advice and the high road approach is to not sink to their level. Instead, do what’s right and what will ultimately benefit all of those involved, including any children. However, this isn’t always the reality that people have to deal with. Therefore here are three strategies for handling an aggressive ex partner.

#1: Realize what you are dealing with. This sounds obvious but you must first realize that what your ex is doing is a form of manipulation and control. The other side is feeling somewhat powerless or wanting to bully you in order to get their way. When you understand what you are dealing with you can handle the rude remarks, the aggressive tactics and attempts at manipulation armed with an understanding of what is involved.

#2: Document everything. Avoid, as much as possible, personal interaction. Instead do as much as you can in writing. This will allow you to create you record that you can use in court or showing to law enforcement. The more documentation the better. Eventually your ex will realize that by them creating a paper trail they cannot continue with their bullying ways without suffering some sort of consequence.

#3: When personal interaction is necessary have a witness. Again, try and avoid one on one interaction. Take a friend or family member who can record the conduct or witness it. The goal is to create a sense that the person is being observed. This doesn’t automatically mean that things will immediately change but if you create some sort of record via a witness or video then it no longer becomes your word against their word. It now rises to a level with evidence.

These three tips are just the beginning of what you should consider with an aggressive ex partner. Unfortunately, people who use aggression only understand one thing…that is why it’s important that you know how to handle such people. To learn more how you can get the justice you deserve from an aggressive ex partner contact us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com or call us at 505-880-8737.