★ Simple Fee Guarantee

Traditionally, lawyers and law firms charge a large up front fee called a retainer. As the lawyer works on the case, billable hours are charged for the work done and taken from the retainer. This system of payment causes frustration and becomes expensive. Clients try and minimize their communication to avoid running up bills. People have no sense of predictability or satisfaction when it comes to getting their questions answered. In fact, the traditional fee system promotes inefficiency. Lawyers charge more in billable hours and clients are afraid to talk to their lawyers for fear of running out of their retainer. Justice Legal Group is the leader in changing this old paradigm.

This is why we came up with our Simple Fee Guarantee. You shouldn’t have to worry about figuring out the costs of your case when you should be focused on what you can do to best protect your family. Family law cases are stressful enough without having to worry about the stress associated with fees. Our Simple Fee Guarantee breaks down in four areas.

    ★ Affordable Fee Structure
The costs of a divorce, child custody, or any other family law case can be astronomical. At Justice Legal Group, we want to help families, and that includes fees that you can afford. Why sacrifice quality for fees from lawyers who are inexperienced? Now, with our Simple Fee Guarantee, you get the quality you deserve at the price you can afford.

    ★ No Surprise Charges
Are you tired of getting monthly attorney bills that surprise you every month? Everything we do is fully transparent and consistent so you can put your efforts towards healing your family. Regardless of what happens in your case each month, you can be guaranteed that your questions will be answered!

    ★ Consistent & Predictable Fees
When you’re involved in a family law case or contested divorce, the last thing you need is a law firm that sends you different charges each month for working with you. With our Simple Fee Guarantee you will pay consistent fees that allow for you to plan for the future while getting the Justice that you deserve. We’ve identified the key areas and services and established a standard so that you know your fees will never exceed that limit for the most common services. Consistent, understandable, and predictable charges for your family law issues.

    ★ Easy to Understand
Don’t get fooled into paying more than you have to for your legal case. Why should you worry about having to talk to your lawyer for fear of being sent an outrageous bill for a phone call or email? No more worries about emails. No more worries about phone calls. Our Simple Fee Guarantee is a monthly billing arrangement that gives you the legal services you need at a price you can afford.

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